Gourmet Meal

Food Delivery Instruction ​食物配送细则

Lunch 午餐

Order cut-off time: by 11:59 pm 

Deliver Time: between 11:30 am -1pm on the following day

Bento will be delivered to the pick-up points

​Lunch Menu is not applicable for dinner

午餐截单时间: 前一天11:59 pm

配送时间:当天11:30 am - 1 pm;


Lunch Menu不适用晚餐订单

Dinner 晚餐


Order closed time: by 3:30 pm

Deliver Time: between 5:30 pm - 7pm to door



* We deliver every day except the restaurants' close day 

* 除商家休息日外,每家餐厅、每日均可配送

IF you don't see the stores that you like,

please tell us via online service reps.

We will make it happen for you!